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The XB engine is Ready

Here are some pictures:

New CP pistons, with 30 degree dome for more compression. De pistons are tailor made by CP, 301-805.

The bore is 3 13/16 x 3 13/16. we used a XL1200 flywheel from a 2000 model sportster with S&S crancs 7801/7802,

our new cilinderhead with new valves. we use Ferrera SE 18044-98. The intake is 1,94 de exhaust is 1,62. valve preassure is 190,0 LBS. and we have a lift of 1,60. We use Redshift 643. We have 12,5:1 compression.

This is on the edge. Not much material left.

the bike is lowered extreem with a AST shock.

Piet will try the bike this weekend in Luckau Germany.

1-2 February 2007 Gainesville

I will attend The Frank Hawley Racing School at Gainesville Raceway (Florida USA) click here I will drive the Prostock Bike Class to prepaire myself for the TopGas season 2007 on the new bike. Look here for info.

2007 team is ready

On the left Dris Hammadi driving the new Buell TopGas bike. In the middle our new driver on the BUELL XB Piet Verhoef. And on the right Our crewhief Martin Vermeij

New Topgas bike for Dragbike team

This is the new topgas bike we will be driving in 2007.
More info: here

31/8 - 3/9 Denmark Ørsted 1/8 mile

So we are back from Denmark.

I learned a lot this weekend besides about drinking beer and talking to Swedish an Danish fellow racers who build very fast Harley's.

We arrived at Wednesday Nice sunny weather, registered on Thursday and driving on Friday and Saturday. back on Sunday. After finding out why the motor wouldn't start fast enough on the 60 feet And discussing with Bud about the changes we should make we decided to put the wheel in the front sleeves, and changed the rear sprocket from 46 to 48 teeth, The first run I was afraid for a wheelie and used too much slip on the clutch. The Second run was a long wheelie (this is the first one in 2 years with this bike AGAIN hiiihaaaaaaaa), then with 1 run left I used too much clutch slip and became 4th on a field of 11 persons. Piet became 3th. I was learning again how to use my clutch, we also changed the pressureplate into the the original one. The feeling in the clutch was back. Then the weekend was over what a shame. I try to go to Sweden and drive in the MALMO Speedweek 13 -17 September to make more runs and use my clutch more.

The good thing is that the bike is fast. We drove on a 1/8 strip and I made some new records on the top speed wit a very bad 60 feet time.

The results of our weekend in Vandel august 2006

I went to Vandel because this season I only drove 1 weekend, the second weekend I was Ill, with the idea to learn more of my new engine setup (The engine must go back to the dyno for the final setup that still didn't happened yet).

I wanted to learn on which revs I should start. I have spent all the runs to find out on which revs the engine is fast. The rest is important to also to obtain a good ¼ mile time.

After different runs on 6000 and 4000 revs and letting my clutch just go the engine appeared to have too much grip and was quietly falling down after the start.

After an evening beer with the boys I decided to let the clutch slip to see what happened (yes I am not easy to convince until now I started with 7000 revs and just pop the clutch).

It was not possible to test the engine on 3000 revs. After the qualification on Friday We just made 3 runs (Saturday was raining all day I started on Sunday morning with only one run and then the Semi-finals started.

I drove the half final against Lando Beugelsdijk which had problems with his clutch

I had beautiful response times in earlier runs as 0018 and 0047 and because of the problems of Lando it was possible to win from him. Lando is driving a 124CI. I won with a bad start. In the run after Lando I drove against the champion of the last Superstreettwin class in Drachten II and he was driving 9.3 on the ¼ mile. His engine is good for 200 HP It's a strong good running 124 cubic inch which a speed of 198 km per hour on the 1/8 mile. He started hard, and good, and won the run.

I made for the rest too few runs to get the start well but learned much.

I have a complete other engine then previous years and learn from the start.

We are going to find a new weekend asap and try to see what the engine is doing and work on the start.

There is another weekend in Denmark www.mosten-mc.dk on the 31 Aug.-1-2-3 September.

They have a Harley class for streetlegal bikes up to 1500CC. no wheelybars no slicks. So keep you all posted.

XB parts for sale

I am going to make a new rear fender solution (different then the current one) this winter for my Buell XB. To cut the cost I would like to make 3 - 4 sets of complete swing arm with a shift and brake (use original calliper) solution. new adjustable shock to lower the bike, Look here and here

It should be a solution out the box. Take your original parts of put the new parts on and ready to race. Including maybe sprockets and chain etc etc...

What I would like to do is some research if there is a market over there (USA other country) to sell this package and maybe to get an indication about the price.

And what should be in the package and what not... Hope to get some response.

And maybe to find someone who would be a distributor over there, that makes things much easier.

Vandel Motor Festival 2006

Because of my illness the past weeks (I couldn't drive at Drachten II) I decided to go Drag racing in Denmark to make some runs on my new setup and to get a better feeling with the new engine

It's from the 11th until the 13th of August. I drive in the Pro Street Harley class. There is no index, everybody will drive much faster but that's good to get me sharp.

more info:
Vandel Motor Festival 2006
Date: 11-13. August 2006
Location: Vandel Lufthavn, Rygbjergvej 20, 7183 Randbøl
of www.ndcd.dk

Demo Run 2 juli 2006 HD dealer central in Veg hel

Well a long post becomes good in the end. First of all I want to thanks Bud without him I wouldn't have made one ride this weekend, later more. To Piet thanks for the support and motivation to go on, and your driving style is oke nothing more left to change. Then to Ger, for the first time he experienced a weekend with our team, thanks you for hospitality and the aid, the 300 KM to obtain the Jets for the carburator, like to have you with us again next time.

Then the Girls, thanks for looking after us if you didn't do that, we all drop more than 10 kilos of weight per race weekend. Also Jur thank this weekend for all aid and support. To all the supporters who came along GREAT to cu. guys

Now my Drag weekend

We had unexplainable problem-down at 4000 rpm on the dyno. The dyno guy and the expert on the weber carbs ( look here www.bccp.nl ) explained that the problem was inside the carb. The gasoline tens to make a mousse from 4000 to 6500 revs. Well this winter I made a maximum of changes, to much in 1 time perhaps? The complete engine is tuned. A complete new exhaust special made for the engine and the A/F have not yet been adjusted. My brake- and shift set solution (with thanks to Art for the speed and time of delivery) has entirely gone to rear, so I must change gear now the other way around, but my brain not always follow the new setup of the gears. The purpose was to have a more horizontal position on the bike in stead of cruising position.

The first run was purely to get used to the new setup of my brake-transmission set, with little throttle for the first ride we hade to look at how changing of the gear would go, and see how the engine reacts.

Due too some rapid moves I also demolished the shifter in the 2e or 3rd run, I was in the line-up, so BACK to the paddock repair it, with thanks to HarleyX1 and Budje. Then the following 6 runs I could simply not start at stationary rpm as I wanted. At 4000 revs the rpm would not go higher, when I pulled the throttle full gas nothing happens well there where some misfiring explosions and crackling and then it would speed up at once into the red area of 8000 rpm. Dangerous as Hell you could say.

We changed some sprockets at the rear wheel to try some different things also, just to look at the impact of the changes, due to the fact that I could not "launch" start very well it appeared not the good solution for a better run. The problem with the fuel has to be solved first.

After long look up to all kinds of drills to bore the jets of the carb to change some sizes we decided to pick them up from BCCP. The problem was if we bored them to big, we could not go back to a smaller size. In the meantime bud checked the revision kit that we had along to use for the carb. We opened the carb to see if there is no dirt inside. That was the best idea of that weekend.

After opening the carb, we found some steel fragments in the hose of my gas supply and a lot of small rubber parts in the rest of the carb. The fuel filter inside of the carb was entirely full with rust particles. Where it comes from well I probably uses jerry cans where rusts on the inside, you always keep learning. After removing and cleaning the carb. We could look if at last we solved that problem. And after starting up the engine, bingo it runs like it should, nice and smooth.

On Sunday we had 1 extra training run to go before the official final run. The first run I started at 5000 rpm. I started off with too much wheel spin. After the run we directly hit the half final against Piet. For me it was a totally unknown engine and what happened, YES I screw up the start and Pietje like usually makes a nice and clean start, he drive constantly and wins the race. (Congratulations Piet well done)

I briefly summarised, I will modify nothing more to the my engine, it really runs like a rocket (and must still go back to the dyno for the A/F) In this case I MUST learn to know my engine, learn and know which RPM is the best for start and under which circumstances and at how many RPM I can bests change gear. So it looks like I need a lot of runs, therefore I am in search of another track, perhaps in United Kingdom or in Germany or in France. However, I learned a lot what to do and what NOT.

Timetable qualifications Drachten Nationals 14, 15 and 16th june 2006

1 run Friday at 11.00
2 run Friday at 13.45
3 run Friday at 17.00
4 run Friday at 20.15

1 run Saturday at 11.45
2 run Saturday at 14.45
3 run Saturday at 17.30
4 run Saturday at 20.00

Sunday are the finals times not available.

The qualifications for this Friday/Saturday strongly depend on the number of present participants. The RACE DIRECTOR will decide how many runs will be possible. The order will be same within each run.

Luckau 29-04 to 01-05-2006

Arriving in the evening it was cold in Luckau, at the local shop we picked-up a gas bottle and a burner. And then you know it will be cold…

Much well-known faces seen from the drag race world.. briefly said: a very nice and sociable week-end ahead... The 1st day 2 runs were made with much rain, our tent also run full of water. So we dug a pit behind the tent to let the water run out from the tent just as real "German" dug pits ?

1st day Bud made an oil-sensorled, he did not like the fact that we could not measure the Psi and if something goes wrong on a run I would not notice. During the 1st run on Saturday the oil pressure plug broke at the front of the engine, and YES the oil-Led burned, so after the 400 meters I stopped the engine, first looking for sand to cover the tracks for the other drivers. Then after that, and a lot of drilling and hammering by Bud and Piet they at last got it fixed and the oil pressure sensor put back in. On Sunday weather improved… nice .. But then I had a lot of wheel slip up to 60 foot. We then decided to change the rearsprocket, First we tried the 44 sprocket, which did not work well. Then we tried 46 sprocket, which was better.. made a couple runs … nice.. but after 3 runs following up each other we got more then 90 degree C° engine temp. The result of that was that my throttle did not longer slip back, a really annoying thing having full gas all the time. After the engine had cooled down the throttle worked correctly again,.. So we have to look for that problem at home. On the track again I noticed that the times became better, but on the last runs, I had the feeling my clutch briefly slipped. The very last I could no longer change gears, also a lot of slip even during the start I sure that something was not running well, we still had left half hour training time so we decided to open the primary first. The problem was located quickly, a broken slide cube and therefore a lot of "dirt" between the clutch plates. End of the exercises for the racing week-end but in the end we made 7 runs totally. We analyzed all the technical problems (we hope), but as always a DRAGbikers work is never done.

The 2 matters which we must change are the exhaust and the fuel supply. Marcel will measure the flow of the carbs to look if we have enough under pressure. And the exhaust must be calculated again on the basis of new heads, and made. I have not improved my old times, but the primary aim was to check what would happen with the new Engine. And to be honest we are quite happy, no oil leeks and therefore ready for the next test phase with the new exhaust and new a full flow adjustment.

Bud, Piet, I it was a top weekend.. Thanks to you guys.

There is still a great potentials in this engine, we have to raise the power, but we did a good (test)job, as it got warmer and dry on the track later on the day I also saw my times improving with some great steps.


The first startup of the new engine
- http://home.versatel.nl/firebolt/startup.mp4
- http://home.versatel.nl/firebolt/startup1.mp4


We are very happy with our new sponsor WHEELY WEAR, they sponsored our carbon fiber helmets.

- Moeskampweg 12
- 5222 AW 's-Hertogenbosch
- Tel: 073-6235910
- info@wheelywear.nl
- www.wheelywear.nl


My new manifold is ready: click for pictures here


Luckau Test and Tune Weekend 28th april - 30th april 2006
time schedule
Friday 28.04.06 arrival from 12.00
Saturday 29.04.06 Test & Tune 10.00 until 21.00
Sunday 30.04.06 Test & Tune 9.00 until 14.00
Licentie runs and SFI - Saterday 10-16

I wil try to use this weekend to test the bike and hope to run the first 9 seconds run in my live.


The plans for 2006 are made.
Yesterday we made our plans for the 2006 year.
After talking and discussing what to do for the 2006 year, one of the goals is to become the quickest Buell on the 1/4 mile in Europe. The record is hold by 2 German Buell Drivers, Wolfgang Fisch and Bernd Niessen
Wolfgang time on the strip: 10.262s / 208.111km/h,
the specs: Buell S1 1500 cc, ca. 145 PS und ca 170 Nm
Bernd time on the strip: 10.3 / 215 km/h.
the specs: Buell S1 1200 cc, ca. 145 PS und ca 173 Nm (with NOS and Turbo)
We have a lot to do before the bike is finished but with all the help and support of my friends. It is possible.
Later more news.


The first foto's inside the engine: click here


The 16th of november, we start stripping the bike. For the first time in 2 years we will have a look inside the engine. The engine will have a complete rebuild. (later more news).
We will chance the rearfender, we will make longer sleeves so the wheel can be placed more in front.
Also we make a new solution for the footpegs.
We need to make a new solution for the fuell (later more).
And overall, we try to make the bike lighter.