www.dragbike.nl Buell motoren Benelux

www.dragbike.nl should be an inspiration for everybody who would like to take his Buell to the drag strip. We started with this addiction in 2004.

In 2005 I had my first full-fledged drag race season. I set the Dutch national record and won the open Netherlands (Dutch) championship. Even now we are the fastest Buell XB rider in the world on the mile.

In 2006 our goal was to get the bike into the 9 seconds. Because of illness it was not possible to test our new setup. We did some test runs in Europe and closed the season without achieving our goal.

For the 2007 season Piet Verhoef will ride the XB and our goal is still to get the bike in the 9 seconds.

Our biggest dream is to ride a G2 S&S powered Buell Like Chip Ellis.

To realise our dream we started with a new TopGas Bike. Who was driven by friends of us.

In 2007 we will ride the whole European tour to be followed here at Top Gas and the Dragbike website

We are also very happy with our sponsor Twin Motorcycles who makes it possible to achieve these goals.

This is our team ready for 2007:

All the progress of our team and the pictures can be found on our forum go to forum